Would you trade your grubby chubby child for a posh tot?

Tatler have produced a “toddler etiquette” guide on how to raise a posh baby. BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seats are wondering if these parents have ever had their child be sick on their shirt before you leave for work or had to change their clothes because their posh baby wee'd on them. But I am guessing their babies' nappies full of rose petals! We all know how happy and crazy toddlers can be and sometimes it is a struggle to keep up with their racing minds and millions of questions every two minutes, so tell me does these posh parents have an entourage of entertainers for their inquisitive and rather vociferous 4 yr old? Because it is hard to be posh when your kid is picking its nose, crying and dangling on the walking reins like a dead animal and you are standing in the queue pretending this crazy mini person isn't even there.
 Just when you thought parenting was hard enough and you were being judged on every detail of your child’s behaviour, along comes one more cannon ball  "toddler etiquette" to decimate your confidence as a parent. Sometimes we overthink parenthood and lets face it, just getting through the day sometimes is a challenge in itself. Any parent who makes it to bedtime without losing their marbles deserves a round of applause in our books. Every parent does the best job they can when raising their children and to be fair, children are highly unpredictable little creatures with their own minds, personalities and idiosyncrasies. They are difficult to tame or control.....Perhaps we should start cloning babies and digitize them? that way we can make them behave and confirm to what society expects them to be.
Credit: Laura O'Neill A dirty baby, is a happy baby!
We believe that while children learn by example, they have their own character which more often than not creates hilarious moments. We have had some examples of the favorite moments created by kids :
Freddie from London aged 4: “mum your nose is really big” mum “thank you Freddie” “You’re welcome, see? Good manners mum!!!!……., I’m going to keep up these good manners!”
Ciara from NI aged 5: “I am going to have 3 babies when I grow up, one of each”
Jake from Manchester aged 7: "Dad if I was a bird, I would poop all over you"
Maddie aged 4 from Scotland: Maddie why are you wearing that hat? "Because my feet are cold"
Sarah from NI aged 6: "Granny I love your silver hair"
Don’t change your worm eating child, or the one with the bogey nose that cleans it on their sleeve, or your child with the amazing sense of humor and giddy laugh that is inappropriately noisy in restaurants.
Credit: Grainne Kelly

And yes……of course it is permanent marker!!!!

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