Wills and Kate blissfully unaware of the inconvenience of having a third child

We have been considering the royals announcement and been thinking about how having a third child changes everything and we mean everything.

Kate has just revealed to the world that she is expecting the third royal baby, pushing Prince Harry further down the ladder for the crown. Kate is dealing with severe morning sickness, a feeling that most mothers can relate to (a feeling of being permanently hungover).


The first thing that we realize is that there is normally a maximum of two parents in one household, so who gets to hold the third child? Dinner time is like feeding time at the zoo and bath time is like a scene from Titanic and we will not even talk about bedtime as it is so traumatic! Most of us do not have the liberty of nannies and even with nannies, no one can replace mum or dad in tho se moments of hysteria before bedtime. When you are putting away the sea of toys that has engulfed your living space following a day of chewing gum in your hair, washing a lot of underwear from potty training disasters and cleaning the newest 3 year old bansky artistic creation from your freshly painted walls remember there are many solutions that will offer you sanity as a mother of three little angels. Washable paint for your walls is one of them! 

Credit: Laura O'Neill


Breakfast is always fun and you’ll be suitably exhausted even though you just got out of bed, let’s face it, no one with 3 children gets any sleep. That is a fantasy life dreamed up for celebrities and royalty only. With 3 children you have been up at least six times a night, you are lucky to have been in your own bed come morning and if you are you are certainly not alone. Sleep sacks such as Grobags are a life saver especially in the winter months to prevent babies waking with the cold and it also prevents them from escaping their cot without having to use duct tape. It is a fabulous gift idea for a new baby too. The Gro Company have a fantastic range of sleep sacks right up to 36 months! Available on Amazon

Safety gates are a mother of 3’s savior, this handy  invention not only protects your little bundles from all the dangers the stairs has to offer but you can also fix them in doorways. Meaning you can limit the damage to one area, without your kiddies escaping into another room and leaving melted ice lollies on your sofa and you will not find your child’s brand new shoes down the toilet or lipstick all over them and your expensive duvet cover. Lindam offers a wide variety of safety gates and they even have a playpen that even the liveliest of toddlers cannot escape. Safety  gates offer parents piece of mind if attached to your littles bedroom door. Your child is unable to escape for twilight adventures and it protects them from stairs and dangers when you are sleeping at night, well trying to sleep.



Even if you have one child disposable syringes are a must have in every household to prevent medication being spat down the front of your dress or thrown all over the walls. With three children it is virtually impossible to remember what medication you’ve given them all especially if your house has been hit by norovirus and everyone is ill. You will be hanging with sleep deprivation and probably can’t remember your own name. For this reason it is a good idea to have a device such as the Oblumi Tapp to track temperatures and medication dosages, the Tapp by Oblumi even allows you to store different patients profiles so you can’t get them mixed up.


When you are on holidays, gone are the days of the “one bedroomed apartment”. The travel agents most hated customer is the family of five. Immediately the price increases as you are paying under occupancy and being penalized for having only 3 children and not an even number of children. How very dare you! if your child is going to take up another room, you should pay for the invisible man in the bed next to them, that is what the under -occupancy fee is. Try a Travel Counsellor instead of a high street as they are generally much more experienced than those on the high street and have some amazing deals for families.


And then there is the taboo subject of the “3 across the back”. Have you ever just had a manicure and tried to buckle all three children across the back seat? Of course you have, but have you actually succeeded without needing hospitalization for busted knuckles? Didn’t think so. Enter the BubbleBum, the narrow, inflatable, car booster seat that fits in even the tiniest of back seats and deflates to pack away in a backpack or suitcase for holiday. In fact, even in the Royal Range Rover it is virtually impossible to fit three car seats. We have it on good authority that Prince George is in possession of Union Jack BubbleBum already.