Why Is The Boost Of A Booster Seat Important?

Why is boost important?

This question is one that has a very important answer. Although we like to keep our blog posts as light hearted as possible we feel it is important that everyone understands the importance of boost for a child whilst travelling in a car.

A child does not behave like a crash test Dummy!

Without the raised height the child’s legs will not sit at a comfortable angle causing the child to slide forward on the vehicle seat to fold the legs over the seat. This introduces slack into the vehicle seat belt and can cause serious abdominal injury. While BubbleBum has also been crash tested and indeed has achieved the R44.04 in the deflated state, we insist that the seat is used inflated as we understand that a child does not behave like a crash test dummy. BubbleBum provides the boost that prevents the abdominal injuries associated with submarining in a crash.


How to install the BubbleBum booster seat.