Why Being a Mom Is Awesome


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Being a mom is awesome, and hard work!

It comes with a world of responsibility and you are on-call 24-7.

Some days you don’t have it together, some days you do, some days you feel guilty for hiding the good chocolate until your kids are in bed and some days the endless cycle of washing gobbles you up.

But when your child makes you smile, fills your heart with laughter and your home with love you remember that being their mother is amazing and life is awesome! The sound of giggles drowns out your insecurities and guilt and is the best feeling in the world. Being a mom is awesome after all.

Why being a mom is awesome

People are constantly telling mothers ‘enjoy your children because they aren't small for long’, … this is hard when you’re caught up with life and just trying to make it through the early years alive without losing your marbles, or yourself. But when you are having a long day and nothing is going right and your little one jumps on your lap and kisses your tired face and lights up your world, enjoy it!

These little snippets of light will help you through the dark. Not only do you have lovely happy home memories that you can cherish forever, but also the knowledge that your child is a product of you. You can take pride in every moment from their first steps to their first word, their first crazy rendition of 'twinkle twinkle little star' to the first time they hold the door open for a stranger. Their smile makes you smile, their laugh is continuous and immediately spreads to you. Their compassion and innocence makes you see the world in an easier way.

They make life simple with their imagination and play, when you are playing make believe and shaping a little mind nothing else matters in that moment. It is a gift to watch a little person grow and being a mother is a happiness only a mother understands.

Over the years you can see your precious little human grow and develop into a beautiful human being. Their achievements are your achievements, because you nurtured this little body and mind to achieve their own greatness and that makes every mother proud because their smile is you living your best life!

Here at BubbleBum Booster Seats we are parents and love to share our stories of the trials and tribulations of parenting. We understand that we are all trying to make it through life but enjoying the little moments of magic on the way!

So forget the dark days and embrace the light that makes the clouds disappear. Being a parent is awesome and can brighten up the toughest days… all it takes is time to play, laugh and love. Being a mom is awesome.

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