The Truth About The UK Car Booster Seat Law

The truth about the UK Booster law announced no change to existing booster seats with new law

In response to the confusing messaging and misconceptions surrounding the amendments to the booster seat laws, the Government and the BPA have released statements today. We prefer to go straight to the horse’s mouth for factual information.

According to the DOT, “Existing booster seats and cushions are not affected by new rules which came into force February 9 2017.”

In short, you do not need to take any action to comply with the changes to the booster law and can continue to make your own choice as to whether to buy a backless or high backed booster. Both options will continue to be on sale from age 4 and weight 15kg. You are not required to change the booster seat that you have under this amendment to the law..

The new law affects only newly designed/invented products and existing products can continue to be manufactured, sold and used safely and legally.

Always ensure that your child is on a booster seat on every journey when they are over the age of 4 and the weight of 15kgs until the height of 135cm at least. Booster seats have proven to be 56% safer than using a vehicle seat belt alone, eradicating the abdominal injuries that are common in children of this age group in crashes.

 Please visit the sites below for official government responses and a news article from the BPA.