Should I Use My Own Car Seat in an Uber?


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Should I Use My Own Car Seat in an Uber?

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare at times, so it makes sense to use a convenient service like Uber as it allows you to focus more attention on your child. And yes, it is actually safe for you to take your baby or child with you in an Uber, so long as you can strap them in properly. Uber drivers don’t usually provide car seats for customers, but they are required to comply with safety laws, which means they can’t stop you from using your own car seat. In fact, they can actually refuse 

to give you a ride if you don’t have adequate accommodation for your child – something we thoroughly agree with! It is our mission to see every child using a car seat on every Journey.

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Should I Use a Car Seat in an Uber?

Yes, you definitely need to use a car seat for your child. Their safety comes first, and isn’t something you should ever risk, even for a short journey. What’s more, Uber has family-friendly policies which means they will always support the safety of their customers. You won’t have to worry about ‘being allowed’ to bring a car seat. But just to be sure, you can actually contact your driver on the Uber interface to ask whether they provide a car seat or if you should bring your own.

Should I Bring My Own Car Seat in Uber?

While UberX or Uber family sometimes do provide car seats for parents, it’s best that you bring your own seat to ensure your child’s safety. If your child is at the age when they should use a car seat, then this should literally be a prerequisite for you – always bring your own car seat with you wherever you go. Plus, since your child is accustomed to using that specific car seat, they’ll be less likely to resist.

How to Install Your Car Seat in an Uber?

If you need to install your car seat, your Uber driver should be willing to accommodate you. They might even lend you a hand. But just remember to fully secure the seat to avoid any hindrances during the journey. Also, just in case your driver isn’t familiar with the standard protocol involved with installing a car seat, make sure to leave the door open, so they don’t drive off accidentally before it is properly installed. 

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