Packing for vacation - is there such a thing as an easy to pack booster?



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With the summer now upon us many parents are planning what they will pack in their suitcase for their annual family summer vacation. Everything they will bring, must be easy to pack. 

If you have a baby or toddler you pack everything but the kitchen sink: who knew such a tiny human could use so much in one week? If you have a tween, packing is a little easier as you can leave the swimming diapers and such at home! But many people are often faced with the challenge of fitting everything into their 20kg suitcase allowance, and there are some items which aren't possible to bring with the weight and space limitations. 

Given how much luggage a family needs, is it any wonder that a travel car booster seat is at the end of the list? Booster seats tend to be heavy and bulky, which makes them pretty much impossible to pack.  The question on many parents minds is a common one: is there such a thing as an easy to pack booster seat?

Well my friends the answer is YES! Cue the BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat, portable and packable and fits into a suitcase, handbag or hand luggage

The BubbleBum takes up little space and there is no need to check it in separately, your child can even pack it in their hand luggage. It weighs only as much as a box of crackers, so it adds the minimum amount of weight to the overall suitcase. 

Many parents forget to bring a car booster seat on vacation, or pay very high prices to hire them from car rental companies. Many parents are also not aware of the laws surrounding car booster seats for the country they are visiting. As a rule, we at BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seats follow the advice that even if your child is not required to ride on a car booster seat in a certain location, it is best practise and safest to make sure that they always do, even when on vacation.



Here are a few other helpful hacks when packing for your littles, number 5 will actually save space in your luggage for that BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat.

  1. Let your child pack their own hand luggage bag with their favourite small items and toys, that way you won’t leave anything behind and tantrums can be avoided.
  2. Have a new small toy as a surprise for your little and pack it in your hand luggage, you can then pull out the new shiny toy when your child is becoming restless.
  3. Pack your towels and swimming gear on the top of the suitcase, that way if your room or accommodation is not ready when you arrive you can access your swimming gear easy to head straight to the pool, keeping your littles entertained until your accommodation is ready.
  4. Try to stay clear of white and light clothes when packing, as these clothes will get grubby more quickly and with kids this is inevitable. Nothing will infuriate a parent more than a red ice lolly covering their child’s bright white t-shirt! You should pack more dark clothes than light and denim is perfect to hide those little grass stains children have a habit of picking up.   
  5. When packing outfits be ruthless! Do not over pack, instead bring a few liquid tablets in a small sandwich bag - that way if your kids run out of shorts and t-shirts, you can give them a quick freshen up and dry them in the sun.

Take the stress out of holiday packing for your family and be organised and don’t bring anything you may not need! You can even grab a BubbleBum at any Target store, or have it delivered right to your door.

Safe travels from BubbleBum :)