Pack the perfect Family Picnic

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With the summer on the horizon, it’s time to pack the kids up in the family car and spend some quality time together. There is no better way to have fun, save money and spend time together than a family picnic! Here are BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat’s top tips to help you achieve the perfect picnic.

Location is key when planning your family picnic, choose a location that is easily accessible, has plenty of green grass and open space for family games and trees for shade if it is a sizzling sunny day.

Coast or countryside is the perfect location with stunning beaches throughout the country. There are so many wonderful places to escape the city and spend the day with family, even the local national park could be the perfect setting for your family picnic.



What you will need for your perfect family picnic


Picnic blanket - The picnic blanket is perfect as it has a waterproof layer meaning those little bottoms wont get wet if the grass is a bit soggy.


Picnic bag/cooler box -  keep your food chilled and your drinks cool with an insulated picnic bag. It’s perfect for sandwiches, fruit, milk and creams! Don’t forget the ice packs though!


Or if you prefer a more traditional Picnic Basket Target has a stunning range of wicker baskets containing cutlery, glasses, napkins and other handy bits-and-bobs.


Picnic Bag - If you do not want to use a wicker basket you can use a handy tote bag for your plates, napkins, salt and pepper etc perfect for your picnic knick-knacks.




Plates, cutlery, cups - some wicker picnic baskets come equipped with utensils but if yours doesn’t, IKEA has great inexpensive, durable and colourful plastic plates, bowls, cups and cutlery for your perfect picnic.


Napkins and wet wipes are essential at any family picnic! With sticky jam covering your little ones faces and hands, juice spillages and muddy knees paper napkins and wet wipes will make your picnic stress free!


Juice, water, tea & coffee- Always pack beverages for your picnic, from a flask of hot coffee for mom and dad to summer fruit juices for the kids. You could even make your own fruit infused water for your fruity bank holiday adventure! Yummly have some great recipes that are quick and easy to make.

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FOOD - This is the most important thing to bring on your picnic. We like scones, cream and jam, traditional sandwiches, hummus and dips, yogurts and your kids favourite snacks, Don’t forget something sweet to finish off- an apple pie is perfect or even some little jam tarts :)

We like to take little jam jars filled with goodness on our picnics. These are great because each family member can have a jar filled with their own favourites, from a grown-up layered feta cheese and sun blushed tomato salad to a kiddies tuna and pasta layered delight. No matter what your flavour the jam jar is the perfect vessel as you can eat it straight from the jar and then put the lid back on for a super easy cleanup! Check out Netmums for fun child friendly picnic recipes.


Games are another must-have for your perfect family picnic - you can get a football, bat and ball, and frisbee from any Target Store. Play rounders, football, tennis or even tag for precious hours running around in the sun.


Rubbish bag - it is important to bring a bag with you to pack away all your unwanted food, wrappers, napkins and wipes. Taking everything home with you and leaving your picnic location as you found it is one of the most important things you and your family can do when enjoying the outdoors.


Sunscreen / sun hats- When out and about with your kids it’s always important to keep them covered up and to apply sunscreen even if it is slightly overcast. Continuously top up the sunscreen throughout the day and make sure that you are using one with high enough protection for the weather conditions. If you are unsure of which one to get you can ask a member of staff, or better yet, ask the in-store pharmacist.  It is also helpful to position your picnic blanket under a tree for shade as too much sun exposure can be dangerous, and children are especially vulnerable to burning.


Change of clothes for the kids - You never know what your fun-filled picnic could entail... rolling down a green field, dipping your toes in a bubbling stream, or jumping the waves on the coast. No matter what the adventure, pack spare clothes in the car for your littles, because a wet kid is not a happy kid!


If you are going to the beach you will also need swimming suits, buckets, spades and a beach tent or umbrella.


These are BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat perfect picnic tips to make the most of your family bank holiday weekend!


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Have fun :)

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