My Back to School Routine


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The Back to school routine is actual madness after the blissful relaxation of the summer and the lack of routine. Can we claw things back to pre summer and get the routine back quickly without everyone losing their marbles?

Just chilling-out and leaving things up to fate does not work with back to school.  It is a military routine that demands planning and precision... a difficult task for us working mums and dads who haven't got their stuff together.

Here at BubbleBum we have been thinking about what we can do to make the transition from summer to fall easier on both the little people, and their parents.

Follow these BubbleBum Booster Seat top tips and you will be the super chilled parent at the school gates :-)


Take your child to stock up on school supplies.

Sit down with your child and make a list of things that you will need, and let them know that you will only be shopping for things which are on the list. This will make your school haul so much easier! Shopping for school supplies will also prepare your child for the idea of going back to school and make them excited. Which leads to the second point…


PMA - Positive Mental Attitude about Back to School Routine

If you are positive about returning to school, positive about new routines and positive about conquering the madness then you will do great. Washing not done? Fine! Homework chaos? I got this! Healthy meal? No problem, I prepared this earlier! You got this mama!

It will help your child to transition easily if you mentally prepare them for returning to school so talk about it for a few weeks before- that way they know what is coming and will prepare their little minds for learning.

You can also prepare a homework or study area that is specifically for school work, so once they are in this area they know that they should be working and will be less likely to get distracted!


Build a back to school routine for your little ones.

No routine leads to crazy kids, which in turn leads to crazy parents. Keep your home peaceful and begin your new routine a few weeks before the kids go back to school. Bedtime should be early and include packing their bag and setting their clothes out for the next day.

It’s also good to have the same routine when they come home from school. Every family is different but what works for us is first eating a snack together, with the children then doing their homework in their special area. After this the children help with some small chores around the house, and then they are free to relax.

Relaxing is very good for your kids especially when their routines have changed and gotten busier. Encourage your child to embrace their hobbies and after-school activities as these are a super way for  them to relax and have some fun away from the academic world.

The next three things are for the mama and papas and these are the most important and should be worshiped!

If your child has Autism, transitioning between different routines can be especially difficult.  Here is a great article with tips for helping them through this time of year.



Get prepared the night before.

Simple but life changing! Pack the bags, lay out all the clothes including yours, put all the shoes and coats beside the door. Pack the lunch boxes and put everything ready to go in the fridge. Doing this at night will save you so much time in the morning, decreasing the stress and setting everyone up for a great day at work and school.


Breakfast for everyone.

Before you leave in the morning, make sure everyone has breakfast, it really is the most important meal of the day. Have a healthy, sugar free breakfast that will set your kids up for a great day, and make sure they are not starving by lunch time. Slow release energy foods will make a big difference to their day, fueling their bodies and keeping their minds sharp all morning.

Batch cooking will also save you time and so much energy… after a long day at work the last thing you want to do is cook a healthy meal from scratch. Prepare all your meals at once on the weekends.  Simply defrost and reheat, it’s so easy.

Are there any tips that will the staff at BubbleBum make it through back to school alive?

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