Introducing the Oblumi Tapp Digital Smartphone Thermometer

BubbleBum UK Ltd are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our range: the Oblumi Tapp Digital Smartphone Thermometer. If you have ever wished could take your children's temperature without the torture of having to wait seemingly forever, this smart thermometer is everything you ever hoped for - and more.

The Oblumi Tapp Digital Smartphone Thermometer

Connecting to your mobile phone via the Oblumi Tapp app (available for both Android and Apple iOS phones), the Tapp is more than just a digital infrared thermometer - it is a device with a whole range of useful capabilities. Suitable for use on babies, children and adults, it:

Takes accurate temperatures. Featuring an infrared sensor that has been specifically designed for medical applications, the Tapp will take your child's body temperature within seconds when placed onto the forehead or into the ear.

Calculates medicine dosage. Using your child's data and popular medications, the app automatically calculates how much medicine you should give your child for a fever.

Registers data. Registering and displaying temperature data histories and medications administered, the app allows you to follow fevers up correctly and, if necessary, pass this information on to your doctor.

Shares patients' profiles. Allowing you to create patient profiles for your whole family, the Oblumi app enables you to share these profiles with other users. Profiles will be updated automatically to all users sharing a profile. This includes automatic sending and receiving of temperature/medication notifications.

Configures alarms. Allowing you to set relevant alarms, the app makes forgetting to take your/your child's temperature or forgetting to take/administer medication a thing of the past.

Enables multi-platform access. Synchronising data between all your devices, the Oblumi Cloud allows you to access your patients' detailed information not just from your phone, but also from any tablet, laptop or PC.

Checks temperatures of liquids. Measuring the temperature of liquids just as accurately and fast as body temperatures, this digital infrared thermometer also puts an end to worrying about whether your baby's bottle or bath water is too hot or too cold.

Smaller than a baby's dummy and weighing about as much as a baby's bib, the Oblumi Tapp digital infrared thermometer also comes complete with a handy travel case - allowing you to take it everywhere you go. Keeping an eye on your family's health has never been this practical and easy.

More Information

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