A Mother, a Need and an Inspirational True Story of Success

It's Mother's Day on the 26th of this month. As everyone is preparing to thank their mums for being simply amazing, we thought we bring you one mother's inspirational true story of success...

The Beginning

Allow us to transport you back in time to March 2009, when BubbleBum CEO Grainne Kelly's inspirational true story of success started:

Having yet again struggled to transport her bulky, unyielding fixed car booster seats to-and-fro on a plane, Grainne, a mother of two and frequent commuter between England and her native Ireland, decided that enough was enough.

Yes, she wanted to keep her children safe, but car rental companies did not provide booster seats - and there was no practical alternative solution available anywhere on the market.

Convinced that parents everywhere had the same problems with heavy, bulky car seats, she started considering what could be done about it.

An Idea is Born

Driven by sheer frustration over the dilemma she faced every time she needed to travel with her family, she had an idea: what if there was a lightweight, portable booster seat that could be inflated and deflated as and when needed?!

The Solution

Before long, her initial idea was turned into the concept of a lightweight, brightly coloured, inflatable portable booster seat that folded neatly into handbags, backpacks and rucksacks.

Suitable for children aged 4 to 11 and perfect for holidays, coach and taxi journeys; school trips, carpooling and rental cars, this portable booster was the perfect solution.

Calling it the BubbleBum, Grainne set about manufacturing and marketing the first ever inflatable booster seat in the world.

From Idea to Product Launch

It took Grainne all of nine months to bring her fantastic idea from concept to consumers - and the founding of BubbleBum UK Ltd.

BubbleBum Today

Grainne's remarkable, inspirational true story of success did not end there. Today, the BubbleBum is exported to 27 countries around the world and stocked by well-known major retailers including Amazon, Halfords and John Lewis; Target and Walmart.

Practical, affordable and great-looking (even kids are happy to carry it in their backpacks), the BubbleBum is making the lives of parents everywhere easier - thank you, Grainne, and happy Mother's Day!

Learn More

You can learn more about the BubbleBum and a whole range of other incredibly practical (and fantastic-looking) products designed to make your life easier; find stockists near you or order your BubbleBum directly from us at www.bubblebum.co.