Do Inflatable Booster Seats Have an Expiration Date?

Do Inflatable Booster Seats Have an Expiration Date?


If you have kids, you'll understand the mighty struggle that travelling can sometimes be. Gone are the days when you could keep your child fixed to your lap the entire ride… and thank goodness for that! As we all know, vehicle seat belts when used alone are basically useless (and even dangerous!) to children in car seat groups 2&3 (4-11 years, 40-100lbs). 

That's why you always need to keep a booster seat close at hand and ready to spring into action.

But how can you be expected to lug around an awkward and heavy car booster seat with you everywhere? There must be another way!

There is! Inflatable car booster seats – they’re incredibly easy to carry, and function in exactly the same way as any other booster seat on the market.   

Do Inflatable Booster Seats Have an Expiration Date?

Well the truth is all car seats expire! This is due to wear and tear and manufacturer testing limitations.  The car seat's components will weaken over time, and it may no longer provide optimum performance in the event of a crash. You must immediately stop using a car seat once it expires.


How to Find Your Booster Seat’s Expiration Date?

Most booster seats expire 4-6 years after manufacture- you can find this expiration date on a sticker somewhere on the booster seat. Generally, you can find the manufacture and expiration date on the bottom of the seat, which gives a rough idea of how long the seat will last.  

The BubbleBum inflatable booster seat is different though, it’s expiration date is 4 years from the date you first use it. Not the date of manufacture! 


What Happens if I Don’t Replace My Booster Seat After Expiry?

Remember that the booster seat is there to ensure your child's safety. And since it tends to weaken over time, it might not be able to withstand a crash or car accident as well as it once would have done. It’s really not worth the risk. Just replace your car seat when it's time because it's better to be safe than sorry.


Why Bubblebum’s Booster Seats Last Longer?

BubbleBum is different from most other car seats because it expires four years after the date of first use. The seat comes deflated; thus, its lifetime essentially begins after you first use it. So, yeah, you're good to use it for a whole four years before you'll need to look for a replacement. 


Check Out Bubblebum’s Inflatable Booster Seats!

When it comes to choosing an inflatable car seat, you simply can't beat the one that started it all- the patented BubbleBum! That patent is important because it means no other inflatable booster seats can use our unique safety system. It’s why BubbleBum has been a family favourite for 12 years and counting. 

So, order now while stock lasts and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!


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