Four Must Know Benefits Of Inflatable Booster Seats

Parents like to go out of their way to care for their children, especially when it is about their comfort and safety. Speaking of which, booster seats are a must-have if you have a kid under the age of 10, and in some states, it is legally required for a parent to have a booster seat for their child. But are the conventional booster seats the name of the game? Or do we have much better options as well? Let's find out!


The conventional booster seats-yay or nay?

However, no doubt these heavy, hard plastic booster seats make every car ride a living hell for parents as their child tries to resist it. But this is not where the story ends! After a six-hour car ride with toddlers eating a bunch of snacks on the way, it becomes a tedious task to clean these booster seats up! And carrying them every time to and from the car is a nightmare for moms who have a ton of other stuff waiting to be transported as well!


Inflatable Booster Seats- The New Must have:

This is where the latest newbie comes into play. Inflatable kids’ booster seats bring a 180-degree shift to every car ride with kids. It brings with it, convenience, safety, as well as comfort! So let's talk in detail about some of their benefits.



Top 3 Benefits Of Inflatable Kids Booster Seat:


  1. Safety:

When speaking of safety, one must opt for the highest quality material and design available. Bubblebum inflatable car booster seats stand out from the crowd. These seats are made out of skid-free and sturdy material to keep your little ones safe throughout the journey.


  1. Lightweight option:

This is one perk of inflatable booster seats that all parents love! These booster seats can be easily inflated when needed. On deflating you can store these in your bag. Even your little ones can carry around their own seats! And bonus- it is a great way to keep your toddlers busy by asking them to inflate the seat while you are busy preparing for the car ride!


  1. Comfortable for kids who hate booster seats:

Car rides become fun for the kids (and the parents too) when kids are comfortable in their seats. The hard plastic and limited movement allowed by conventional booster seats make most toddlers cranky. The inflatable ones are much softer and do not limit your child's movement in any way. This is a great hack if your kid is always resisting their booster seat.



  1. Convenience with style :

The bubblebum inflatable kids’ booster seat is a great attraction for kids as it is available in a variety of black, pink, and green colors! This will make your child more excited about their seat and traveling for long hours!



The safety of your kids is non-negotiable. But it should not compromise their mood and comfort, as well as yours! Bubblebum inflatable seats are a great replacement for booster seats that are safe yet comfortable and very lightweight!


Go and grab yours to make every car ride fun