Euro 2016 is here!

Euro 2016

Football, football, football.... I hear some of you sigh! Like it or not Euro 2016 is kicking off tomorrow so football will be everywhere for 4 whole weeks.

Fortunately for me I love football but as a Dad of a young daughter and my non football loving Fiancée I am slightly outnumbered at home. Battling for the remote for 4 weeks is on the agenda in my house. My wee girl is only 2 and I am unsuccessfully trying my best to try and brain wash her at an early age and turn her in to a football fan. It looks like her mum has won this battle so far however as she has more interest in everything pink and sparkly.

Thousands of fans across Europe are now on their way to France to cheer on their country. If you are travelling with kids from the UK & Ireland have a look at our stockists page to find out where to pick up your BubbleBum products before you head off with the kids

For us at BubbleBum this is a special tournament as both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are in the same tournament for the first time ever. Not only that we have customers throughout Europe and I am sure everyone is as excited we are to see their teams take part in Euro 2016. Best of luck to all teams.

For those families not interested in football it is time to get in the car take the family to the beach and don't forget those BubbleBum seats for your kids.