BubbleBum's Top Tips for Car Rental


There are several things that you should remember when you are renting a car while on holidays or during a visit to a different country. Here is BubbleBum’s Top Tips for Car Rental in Ireland and UK.

  1. You should consider how many passengers and how much luggage you have. You should rent a car that will comfortably accommodate your passengers and luggage.
  2. You should also check if the car you are renting has a built in Satellite Navigation, if it does not then you can rent one from the car rental company.
  3. Every child travelling in the rental car should have the appropriate car seat, suitable for their age and height. Ireland has car seat laws that relate to different age groups and heights. You can rent car seats and booster seats from the rental company, but this can be costly. Children aged from 4-11 years old can travel on a booster seat including a BubbleBum Travel Booster Seat. BubbleBum saves money renting car booster seats from car rental companies and it is inflatable, deflatable and lightweight and can be packed away easily for future journeys. (information can be found at bubblebum.co)
  4. Most cars are manual gear shift. The car rental company has a limited number of automatic vehicles and these are more expensive to rent. If you prefer an automatic car its best to book early.
  5. Always read your policy and insurance to ensure that it will cover your journey and note the excess charge that will be applied if the car is damaged.
  6. You should also check the fuel policy to see if you need to refill the fuel tank before you return the vehicle. You should also note if the car is diesel or petrol to avoid any accidents.
  7. Familiarise yourself with the rules of the road and what side you drive on. In the UK you drive on the left and pass on the right.
  8. It’s also helpful to note that the road signs are in Ireland are both both Irish and English and that speed limits are in kilometres.
  9. You should also bring a map on your journey as more rural areas does not have a good reception.
  10. You should also consider that there are several toll roads and not all car rental companies pay the toll charges.