BubbleBum's Top Tasty Takeaway Tips

Many families throughout the UK are now celebrating, making it through the first week of back to school in one piece, with a Friday night take away. A tradition that is passed on from generation to generation and it would be awful if we did not keep the Friday Night Takeaway Tradition alive!

Back to school can be a hectic time for every family. With the summer holidays being quickly forgotten and new routines being enforced in many households things can get a little crazy. Back to school is a busy time, weather you are a stay at home parent or a working parent, the laziness and freedom of the summer is dispelled and after school activities, homework, dinner, baths and a messy home, takes over our lives once again.

Mothers and Fathers put away their pots and pans and relax with the trusted and forever faithful takeaway menus. We are blessed in the UK to have a very extensive range of takeaway options that are cheap (every little helps) convenient (when you are to exhausted to cook) and very satisfying (the kids feel full afterwards which will make them sleepy which is a plus).

Although these takeaway options can fulfil every families desire, they are in most cases not very healthy, especially if you and your family are having a take away every Friday. Here is BubbleBums Top Tasty Takeaway Tips that will not Tip the Scales or contribute to your children's potential diabetes........

Our favourite takeaway options in the UK is of course the traditional fish and chip shop, but this can be full of fats so don't eat all the pies and opt for a fresh cod, the thicker the chip the less fat, so ditch the skinny fries and order those lovely chunky chip shop chips. Don't forget the mushy peas, as these are one of our five a day and your kids will love them! Stay away from the salt this time and share meals among the family to cut down on portion sizes.

Italian and Pizza is up there as one as our most popular takeaways, kids and adults alike love the stuff, but this can be a major calorie counter! But don't despair make it a little healthier and cut the crust, lose the deep pan and go skinny with a thin base, no extra cheese and an as much vegetable toppings as you can all eat! Another tip is to have tomato based sauces instead of creamy cheese sauces, this will immediately make your takeaway calorie conscious.

Chinese is another favourite that can add to an expanding waistline, but thankfully there is plenty of healthy options that you can order from the Chinese. You should avoid anything that says 'crispy' this means it has been fried and is not very good for you or your family. Steamed dishes are best and stirfrys are low in fat and include loads of tasty vegetables. Boiled rice and noddles can replace chips and fried rice making this a great option for friday night takeaways. Indians or Thai food are much like Chinese stay away from anything fried, in batter or creamy and aim for chicken for plain rice.

Fast food is another favourite especially among the younger members of your family. Fast Food is high in fat, best tip to keep calories low is to stay away from fizzy drinks and milkshakes, go for juice or water and DO NOT GO LARGE! this will be your down fall. Anything that states whopper or big should not be trusted. Get a plain pattie and load it with salad this is tasty but will cut down the calories.

As parents we have a lot of responsibility for our children's diets and the food that they eat. We love to celebrate with a take away and sometimes our busy lifestyles mean we are too tired to cook or we don't have time and a takeaway saves the day. Don't forget these can be unhealthy and healthy eating should be promoted so if you are getting that chippy tea to celebrate the first week of back to school don't forget to ditch the salt and load up on veg!

Here at BubbleBum travel car booster seat we love Pizza and we always make sure to have a thin base and plenty of sweetcorn.