BubbleBum Foldable Car Booster Seat the Family Holiday Essential


Are you going on a Family Holiday?

With the summer in full swing and the British and Irish Weather not giving us much hope of summer bliss, many of us are jetting off to warmer climates. There are many things a family must remember to pack for their trips away. But have you remembered your child’s car seat?

A large number of families rent cars or travel by coach while on holidays. Car rentals are expensive and the price increases when you add the rental of three car seats into the equitation and suddenly the price soars. It’s also difficult to carry your bulky car seats from home, as you already have so much luggage traveling with a family. On coach trips many children simply do without a booster seat which is not acceptable as it is not safe practise. This is a common dilemma and one that compelled BubbleBum CEO Grainne Kelly to create the innovative BubbleBum Booster Seat.

That is where the BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat solves all your problems for children aged between 4-11 years old. The BubbleBum is a foldable travel car booster seat that packs into its own small travel case. The BubbleBum can be inflated when in use then deflated and stored when it is not needed, therefore you can use it continuously in this country or another and save money renting car seats from car rental companies. Offering huge savings in the long run.

The foldable BubbleBum is the perfect travel booster seat solution, as it can be carried in a hand bag or even stowed away in your luggage. Weighing the same as just three bananas the narrow design saves space and weight in your important cargo. Leaving space for all those special holiday purchases.

 Pink Booster Seat

The BubbleBum can be used in your own family car in everyday family life, car rentals, taxis, coach trips during holiday transfers, school trips and even car pooling. The BubbleBum is affordable and you can even fit three in a row in the back of even the smallest car.