April Fools Day Art Projects

Well, it'll be April Fool's Day soon, and as everybody likes harmless (!) fun pranks, we have scoured the Internet for some fun April Fools Day art projects you can get stuck into with your children. Here are our favourites.

Jack in the Box

All you need to create this fun prank is a picture of your child, 2 pieces of coloured cardboard (contrasting) and a small jewellery or ring box; as well as scissors; a hole punch, some glue and sticky tape. We got this idea from www.kidspot.com.au, where you can find the instructions for creating this great little April Fool's Jack in the box. Kids can give this to family members, teachers or friends at school for a great giggle.

Fake Spill 

This is one of the messier April Fools Day art projects, so younger children will definitely have to be supervised. The spill, which includes use of white glue (the kind used at schools) and acrylic paint, will also take a couple of days to dry properly, so getting started early with this one is highly recommended. Other supplies you will need include:

  • A plastic cup (or any other small disposable container)
  • A plastic spoon
  • Clingfilm
  • A baking tray or flat plate
  • Your favourite breakfast cereal

Full instructions and a few more fun April Fools Day art projects can be found at www.dltk-kids.com.

Fake Toilet Paper

The fake toilet paper should be a real hoot, but to avoid arguments, it is best to use it only on someone with a good sense of humour (and it may be an idea to have someone with a real roll on stand-by, too). To make the fake toilet roll, you will need:

  • The inner tube of an empty toilet roll
  • Cardboard (an old cereal box will do)
  • Double-sided tape or a glue stick
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors

Instructions for creating the fake toilet roll are at www.instructables.com.

More April Fools Day Art Projects

Other April Fools Day art projects we really liked, but don't have the space to into details for, include the:

'Faked Potatoes' at blog.consumercrafts.com

'Fake Ice' at alphamom.com

‘Dropped Ice-Cream’ at www.sheknows.com

‘Joke Sauce Bottles’ at www.kidspot.com.au

'Moving Coffee Can' at lifestyle.howstuffworks.com

The 'Eyeglasses' you can find at artprojectsforkids.org are less of a prank, but still good for a giggle...

Need to Go Shopping?

If you need to pop into town to get some of the supplies for these April Fools Day art projects, make sure your kids are safely strapped in their booster seats. Going by bus or taxi? No worries, you can keep your children safe with a BubbleBum inflatable booster seat. You can get one here.